Extracting .bz2 file on Windows creates a single file with no extension, how do i open it?


I have no idea what kind of file this is, if i open it in Notepad ++ first few strings look like this:

Layer 0 0 true false false true false wmNone 0 0

Ivan Kartofanov

Posted 2015-08-05T18:58:12.483

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Because the bzip2 utility compresses only a single file (or stream), an additional container is required. This would usually be a .tar file, hence the extension .tar.bz2 or .tbz2 for short.

So it’s probably a .tar archive. Because it’s not compressed in any way, you can see what’s inside. 7-Zip will recognize and open this archive type.

Daniel B

Posted 2015-08-05T18:58:12.483

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Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately 7-zip is not recognising single extracted file as archive. – Ivan Kartofanov – 2015-08-05T19:07:35.033

In that case it’s probably not an archive. What was the original file name (before extracting) and what is it supposed to be anyway? – Daniel B – 2015-08-05T19:08:28.953

File name before extracting is "Guy.bz2". After i extract it i got a single file names "Guy" with no extension. I would be really gratefull if some one can extract those files and upload them (maybe on google disc or similar storage)? I dont have a linux machine around unfortunately.Here is the file, 6 mb : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1vtPJubPyb8cmdveUJxQmNyNDg/view?usp=sharing After extracting it is suppose to be a bunch of files from 3D graphics applications,

– Ivan Kartofanov – 2015-08-05T19:14:42.077

Based on the XML contained, the file may be for Maya. – Daniel B – 2015-08-05T19:31:19.813

Daniel, files are Obj files and couple of 3dcoat files, OBJ files have traveled throu a bunch of applications, Maya included. If it is possible, can you be so kind and upload the files if you was able to extract them? – Ivan Kartofanov – 2015-08-05T19:33:42.597

I didn’t do anything special. Like you already noticed, it’s a single compressed file called Guy. I simply looked at the contents with a text editor. It’s a binary file, though. It does certainly contain OBJ data at the end, but there’s much more inside, some XML and probably some images. – Daniel B – 2015-08-05T19:38:15.477

Daniel, thanks for explanation. Is it possible to extract this data to separate files? Return it to pre-pack state? – Ivan Kartofanov – 2015-08-05T19:41:41.083

This data is not packed in a common archive format. You’ll need to contact the author. – Daniel B – 2015-08-05T19:45:05.457