Best way to mount an image in Windows 7 64-bit



What is the best way to mount an image in Windows 7 64-bit?


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See also Freeware ISO mount software on the Software Recommendations Stack Exchange.

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The first link is broken. – Peter Mortensen – 2016-03-15T19:58:33.493

@PeterMortensen fixed. – akira – 2016-03-16T06:44:12.940

1WinCDEmu blows it out of the water. – Joel Rodgers – 2012-07-02T19:39:37.907

beat me to it. :) – quack quixote – 2009-10-04T05:52:48.440

Virtual Clone Drive works fine for me indeed – Snark – 2009-10-04T08:13:07.673

I agree. I just tried WinCDEmu after being a long time user of PowerISO and DAEMON Tools. There is no comparison, it just does what it does without fuss. Perfect. No waste, no mess. Use WinCDEmu. – Jerry Brady – 2012-07-20T18:12:31.907


OK, there's a lot of them out there and I've tried them all. WinCDEmu is completely seamless within the Windows Explorer environment. Want to mount an image? Just right click on the file and select a drive letter and it's done. You can install it as a driver or you can just use the standalone version. This is by far the best one other there and best of all, it's free!

Joel Rodgers

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I'm a big fan of portable apps that don't need to be installed and leave virtually no footprint. WinCDEmu is an open source, portable app that works in Windows 7 64 bit (that's what I'm running). I like it because it only temporarily "installs" its drivers when you actually launch the app, so there's no additional overhead when the software is not being used.

It doesn't have the windows Explorer or context menu bells and whistles that some of the other offerings have, and it could really benefit from a drag-and-drop update. But other than the minor inconvenience of having to go through a file dialog to mount your images, it works great.

Tom Auger

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DAEMON Tools Lite
is freeware and is said to work on Windows Vista x64, so it will also work on Windows 7 x64.


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i was surprised when I read that it is bundled with spyware. link

– rpattabi – 2012-07-28T04:27:30.990

@ragu.pattabi: All one has to do is decline the offer of this additional software. DAEMON Tools Lite will still work fine. – harrymc – 2012-07-28T05:34:17.707


Daemon Tools Pro claims full Win7 support in its latest version. This is the paid version of Daemon Tools.

Virtual CloneDrive also claims full support (HOWTO link from akira's post).

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The second link is broken. – Peter Mortensen – 2016-03-15T19:59:24.277


Alcohol 52% (free) or Alcohol 120% if you want the paid-for bells & whistles...


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Use Power ISO 4.5

It's easier than Daemon Tools or any virtual drive software.


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