What is the etymology behind "-j" indicating bzip2 for tar?



What is the etymology behind "-j" indicating bzip2 for tar?

Max Nanasy

Posted 2012-06-26T00:57:52.557

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3There probably isn't a specific reason for why -j was used. -b and -B were already taken, so all obvious choices were impossible. Maybe it's because bzip2's developer is Julian Seward... – Dennis – 2012-06-26T01:12:53.680

Hi Max, welcome to SU - here is the [faq]. While this is a computer related question, it is off topic to post questions inviting discussions or otherwise don't have a technical solution. – Paul – 2012-06-26T01:20:00.457

2@Paul Do you know of any stackexchange sites that would be appropriate for this question? – Max Nanasy – 2012-06-26T01:21:14.003

@MaxNanasy: In any case, this is a question that only the people involved in the decision can answer con authority. You could try the GNU tar mailing list.

– Dennis – 2012-06-26T01:24:37.673

Sorry @MaxNanasy I don't. The switch was introduced in 2000 by Paul Eggert. Perhaps he is still around to ask? http://cvs.savannah.gnu.org/viewvc/tar/tar/ChangeLog?view=markup&content-type=text%2Fvnd.viewcvs-markup&revision=1.97

– Paul – 2012-06-26T01:27:28.840

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