How can I convert an iso cd image to bin/cue format on a mac?



How can I convert an iso cd image to bin/cue format on a mac? I did some Googling, but couldn't find a solution, ended up having to use some freeware tool for windows in a VM :/

Mike Akers

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If anyone found this post because they were trying to do the reverse (convert bin/cue to an iso) take a look here: Worked for me. You can download bchunk and run "bchunk problemimage.bin problemimage.cue convertedimage.iso"

– username – 2009-11-23T13:34:50.007



LiquidCD can write CUE/BIN files. The process would be the same as actually creating an image from the disc.

  • Mount ISO image on the Mac
  • Point LiquidCD to the Mounted Image
  • Write CUE/BIN File

I did this before to convert an ISO to a DMG.


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The iso image I'm converting also contains some CD audio tracks. Will they be converted as well with this method? – Mike Akers – 2009-07-15T14:48:58.703

I've been trying to rip some PS1 games to play in emulators for ages now, and this is the only program I could find that made working BIN/CUE images out of the ISOs I ripped with Disk Utility. – FrogBot – 2014-09-13T05:34:43.250

You will have to test and try, I am not sure. LiquidCD however does support extracting Music so it might be able to. I hardly ever deal with Audo CD's – BinaryMisfit – 2009-07-15T15:10:27.107


PowerISO has a Mac command line utility for converting between ISO, BIN, DAA, and other formats.

poweriso convert input.img -o output.bin -ot bin


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Toast Titanium will do it, but its by no means free.

There's a handy little command line tool to do BIN/CUE -> ISO, but I can't find one to do the reverse.

Curtis Tasker

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1+1 ...that's what I was trying to do. Works great. – username – 2009-11-23T13:36:23.780


FYI, Disk Utility built into OS X can burn .ISO files natively. Just select 'Burn' from the toolbar in Disk Utility and choose your .ISO file and Disk Utility will burn it, all without additional software

Josh Hunt

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That's not what he's asking – dionyziz – 2016-02-11T23:38:45.197