Adium last message?


I need to quickly send messages with a little variation in IRC (ie, irc commands).

On windows/mirc, I can just click up and the chat input will fill with my previous message.

I'm currently using Adium, but it doesn't have this basic feature? Does anyone know how I can get this, or perhaps suggest a different client.



Posted 2010-04-10T23:21:53.057

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You can press Option-UpArrow to get the last message sent into your input box.

This is window/tab specific, i.e. you cannot use this to send the same message to a whole bunch of different people. Use the clipboard (i.e. copy&paste) for this, maybe in combination with Option-UpArrow.

Daniel Beck

Posted 2010-04-10T23:21:53.057

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I'm not aware whether Adium has that feature or not, but I know Colloquy does (and is a very nice IRC client in general).


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