When called, tries to move the turtle backwards 1 block in the direction it is facing. The function will return false if the destination is obstructed or protected, or if the turtle is out of fuel.

Returns boolean success [, string error ]
API turtle
Source CC:Tweaked (source)

 Note: This function call consumes fuel, if it is enabled in the mod configuration. It will not work if the turtle has no fuel.

ExampleMoving a turtle
Tries to move the turtle 3 blocks backward, and tells the player if this succeeded.
-- first we set these variables
local blocksSucceeded = 0
local blocksToMove = 3

-- then we initiate a 'for loop'. The for loop will execute the code in it's body multiple times, from 1 to 'blocksToMove' in this case, which we set to 3.
for attempt = 1, blocksToMove do
  local success, error = turtle.back()
  if not success then -- what to do if the move failed
    break -- break will stop the 'for loop' from continuing
  else -- what to do if the move succeeded
    blocksSucceeded = blocksSucceeded + 1

-- now we're going to print the results to screen.
if blocksToMove == blocksSucceeded then
  print("Sucessfully moved backward by", blocksToMove, "blocks!")
  print("Did not move the target of", blocksToMove, ", but moved", blocksSucceeded, "blocks instead!")
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