The instrument name corresponds to those provided by Note Blocks. It may be one of the following strings: base, basedrum, bell, chime, flute, guitar, hat, snare orxylophone.

  • instrument : string
  • volume? : number
  • pitch? : number

Returns boolean success
API speaker
Source CC:Tweaked (source)

Play a note with the given volume and pitch.

Volume may be any number between 0 and 3 inclusive. 1 is the default, with 3 being the volume of a normal note block. Like note blocks, a higher volume does not imply a louder sound, merely that it can be heard further away.

The pitch may be a number between 0 and 24 inclusive, defaulting to 1. This represents the number of times one has right-clicked a noteblock. 0 representing F♯ and 24 representing F♯ 2 octaves higher.

This will return true if the note could be played or false if too many notes have been played in a single tick.

ExamplePlay a note
Play a note.
local speaker = peripheral.find("speaker")
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