The Basic Monitor has a resolution of 7 characters horizontally by 5 characters vertically, but can be enhanced with .setTextScale() to 15 characters horizontally by 10 characters vertically. It does not support colour, so only the colours white, lightGrey, grey and black are available. It can be upgraded to an Advanced Monitor for colour and touch input.

Name computercraft:peripheral
Data Value 4476
Damage Value 2
Supports Colour? No

Monitors can be drawn to using the Term API and Monitor API. The Monitor API has the same functions as the Term API, plus two additional functions: monitor.getTextScale and monitor.setTextScale.

Advanced Monitors also have touch input available to them through the monitor_touch event - players can right-click a monitor to cause a monitor_touch event on the computers connected to it.


Data values

Block states

Name Value Description
  • false
  • true
Advanced or normal monitor.
  • down
  • east
  • north
  • south
  • up
  • west
The direction the monitor is facing.

Block entity

Name Description
monitorId Id of the monitor.


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