When called, sends out a ping to any listening GPS hosts, which in turn will send their own coordinates. Using these coordinates and the signal distance, using trilateration the GPS API can acquire its own location. If for any reason the GPS locating failed, the returned x, y and z will be nil. A Wireless Modem must be attached and GPS Hosts must be in range for the GPS location to succeed.

  • timeout? : number
  • debug? : boolean

Returns nil | number x, number y, number z
API gps
Source CC:Tweaked (source)

The results that gps.locate returns are only as accurate as the data they receive from GPS hosts. If a host returns incorrect data (due to some misconfiguration), the returned location will also be inaccurate.

ExampleLocating self
Acquiring the executing computer's own location and printing it on screen.
local x, y, z = gps.locate()
if x == nil then
  error("Could not acquire current location. Perhaps there's no wireless modem attached or we're out of range of any GPS hosts.")
  print("Current location is: ", x, y, z)
Output Depends on the current location. Example: Current location is: 38 65 392
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