Advanced Monitor

The Advanced Monitor has a resolution of 7 characters horizontally by 5 characters vertically, but can be enhanced with .setTextScale() to 15 characters horizontally by 10 characters vertically.

Advanced Monitor
Name computercraft:peripheral
Data Value 4476
Damage Value 4
Supports Colour? Yes

Monitors can be drawn to using the Term API and Monitor API. The Monitor API has the same functions as the Term API, plus two additional functions: monitor.getTextScale and monitor.setTextScale.

Advanced Monitors also have touch input available to them through the monitor_touch event - players can right-click a monitor to cause a monitor_touch event on the computers connected to it.


Data values

Block states

Name Value Description
  • false
  • true
Advanced or normal monitor.
  • down
  • east
  • north
  • south
  • up
  • west
The direction the monitor is facing.

Block entity

Name Description
monitorId Id of the monitor.


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